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Year peak of pixieclipx
Classes are taken for the spring semester at my local California Community College, Laney College again. I have 2 classes, one at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, and hopefully my fourth Class at UC Berkeley, ASUC Art Program will, from next month. I have an invite fiull, but at three different schools. And I should be a fifth Class begins on Friday in Berkeley CC, but I just could not fit in, so I guess the April Sitzung.Dieses photo is a good example of urban photography. I now have the class because of family obligations and commitments that last Saturday morning, disrupted the fall prevents me from going to class and from studying for her as well. And because of my surgery, I just fell too far behind. And I was just not strong enough, about 5 hours photo shoot massive SF / foot expedition to tun.Aber am I with my upcoming documentary photography 5-week course to get stuck in Berkeley. Then in April, I will, of course, a digital portfolio that will take all these classes, and last semester, and all of my contest wins and published together to take, and I put my best work in a nice, clean portfolio to display my work potential customers and maybe graduate school, who knows what next.