question of mikerob08 :? online business degree makes sense in the workforce
what are the differences in admission standards between an online business degree and MBA standard. which one is cheaper as far as tuition and other costs Best Answer.

response from coaches
Everything depends entirely on the school. There are some online programs that are very easy to get around, and some that are very hard. Some will accept anyone with a checkbook, others only the best and kl├╝gsten.Das same applies to the cost, there are programs at around $ 5000 and others that you wird.Orte run near $ 100K as the Duke University to teach online ( neither easy or cheap to get in) and places like UPhoenix and DeVry (Keller) online teaching (not cheap, but pretty easy to get). Then there are places like UMass and Florida State and UFlorida that teach online and they are cheap and reasonable, in too erhalten.Wie for usefulness, this also depends on the source of the degree, but also depends on your own motivations. If you have an MBA from Duke and will then get a job tends bar at Joe – you can not find the MBA whatever advantage

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