Question by ikaytee831: Any firsthand experience of someone who completed an online master’s degree for Art?
I am an art teacher who needs to pursue my master’s degree. I am looking into online degrees to save commute time during my busy work week. I have never taken an online class before. Anyone with firsthand experience of this? How are the classes structured? Level of Difficulty? I am looking into MFA in painting or drawing or Masters in Art Ed. Any suggestions on specific schools/programs? Thanks!

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Answer by Vaiveahtoish
Talking about the experience well I m just the best guy to answer it. I have done my high school my degree from the best online school and college. Moreover my job that is education consultant so that speaks up for my experience. Coming to your question classes there are structured according to your comfort. You can attend them any time. Level of difficulty all depends upon you. If you are disciplined enough to study and take classes with full concentration then surely it will be walk in a park for you. But you need to be disciplined and not be negligent.

Coming to the last part of your question there are many college that offer online masters but only few are that can live up to the actual level that is needed. You can have list of best colleges offering education online at . Select the course you want to opt for the the list of accredited colleges will appear.

Best of luck.

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