Question by airbender: A question for those of you who do not like the K12 curriculum?
I am considering K12 as my homeschooling curriculum next year (eighth grade) but there are so many varied reviews. For those of you who don’t like it, why don’t you like it? Please no generalizations. Thanks.
electric – I wasn’t referring to the traditional K12 education at schools. I was referring to the online homeschooling curriculum that is called “K12″.

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Answer by electrickshadow
I don’t like the idea of my daughter sitting at a desk all day staring at a chalkboard expected to learn while the teacher stand in front telling all the students how to learn what they “have” to know. This insists the principle that all children learn the same, and that most children can sit still for hours at a time.

I just find it a little too pre-molded. Kids aren’t some factory product.

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