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Question by brian l: What do employers think of online MBA degrees? I am on active duty in the Navy and the only way that I can complete my MBA is through an online course. In general, do employers look more favorably on traditional degrees vice online programs? Best answer: Answer by A Voice Crying [...]

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Question by walk_away214: What are some accredited Universities that offer online MBA courses? My cousin, due to his work travels a lot and would like to finish a MBA online due to his heavy schedule. Preferably a Canadian University thanks sorry, not an MBA, a master’s degree Best answer: Answer by BlindAlvinI not familiar with [...]

Question by : Managers: Between 2 equally qualified people, would you hire the one who earned their MBA online or in person? I really want to hear from people who have experience hiring. If you had to choose between two applicants who are 100% equally qualified and have all the same experience and personality traits [...]

Online Master’s Degree Program Geographic distance doesn’t have to be a barrier between you and a Master’s degree in Communicative Disorders, Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) from California State University, Northridge. The online program in this important field was designed to help people limited by geography or other factors to earn their degrees online. The program has [...]

For those who earn their master’s degree, while the balance between work and family, DeVry University Keller Graduate School an online learning platform, the students the best of their graduate education while earning their MBA helps to be developed. Interactive, engaging, convenient, allowing you to easily with professors and colleagues, as well as in a [...]